Football Madness

What is Football Madness? football
A Football Madness ticket provides 13 weeks of College Football raffle fun. At $25 per ticket, the cost break-down is about $2 per week during the regular season. A total of $1,300.00 in cash prizes is awarded each week (split among 15 winners).   

How to read your ticket:  Your ticket contains a record of the teams you are assigned for each of the 13 weeks of the season.  Full game rules are printed on each ticket. 

There are 3 rows at the top of the ticket:
Row 1 “Week”: is the week of College Football play.
Row 2  “Date”: is the date of the last weekly game. (usually Saturday)
Row 3  “Teams”: are the teams you are assigned for the week (match the letter/symbol with the listing of teams on the right hand side of the ticket to determine your three teams for the week).  If a team has a bye, then you are given their score from the previous week.
How do you win? 

The scores of your three teams are added together for that week (no matter if they win or lose) and that's your total score for the week.  Team combinations with the highest (and lowest) scores win.  The prizes are listed on the reverse side of the ticket.  The winners and team scores will be listed on our websites, generally by Wednesday afternoon.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play or don’t like football…a check will automatically be sent to you, if you win!  $1,300 will be paid out weekly! 


* Note: if your team does not play a particular week, the previous week's score is used.  The last preseason score is used for those teams who did not play the first week.


 Football tickets are available from any St Patrick’s family or contact Michael Murphy at 712-541-1261 or [email protected]